Welcome to Ralcoat tubes

Dries Vindevogel, Manager of Ralcoat Bvba, has many years of experience in this sector.  In 2009, he decided to start up Ralcoat with the aim of specialising in the production of galvanized pipess and coated fencing poles. 
We have our own slitting line, pipe forming line and powder coating facility. This allows  Ralcoat to carry out all necessary operations under one roof, making it easier for our customers. 

Therefore, we can always guarantee the best quality.


The coils are cut in the best possible way depending upon the tube which is to be manufactured.  The cutting of these coils is called slitting.
Thereafter, the slit steel strip is uncoiled and profiled in the pipe rolling line and inductively welded into a tube.  With or without re-galvanised weld the tube is cut off at the desired length. As you can see, we can deliver custom work according to your specifications, which is why Ralcoat is your ideal partner.
We roll following the DIN standards NL10.204-2,2 and EN10204-3 from galvanized steel DX51D, S220, S250GD, S355,….


With post processing we can do punching, drilling and narrowing.